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Excellent business! Most pest control companies just come once a month or a quarter and spray for insects and change baits (you feel like you are just a number and a dollar sign to them), but these guys do all that AND deal with occasional wildlife and other animals. They have always been very responsive to any of my pest-related concerns and questions. They never try to up-sell or get you to pay for unnecessary services. Just honest, upfront, and friendly, and very solution-oriented.In the past, I had persistent problems with snakes, mice, and insects entering my basement from the outside. Other pest control companies would just offer to do a periodic trapping using baits, but wouldn't offer any other solutions. Veteran Pest  guys came out, did a thorough examination of my house, and dealt with all the intrusion points (even to the attic). They patched  what needed to be plugged, put mesh over vents, and used a special material that breathes moisture for the oversized (yes, built incorrectly) weep holes that were entry points (confirmed by tiny droppings inside). Since then I have had no more snake or mice and only an occasional spider or two in the basement.I recommend them highly. I wish all the home service companies, technicians, and contractors around here were like these guys.

- 09/04/2020 – James N.

We have owned our home for nearly 30 years and have had several national and local pest control companies.  We were not happy with the service from our previous service providers.  We were fortunate to find Veteran's.  They are thorough, efficient, prompt, friendly, and professional. They take the time to explain how each application works.  They will  walk your property with you and point out things that can be done to minimize pest issues.  They call before they arrive and are always on time.  They are reasonably priced.  While they are not the cheapest they are the best value for the money. We could not be happier with the service.  We highly recommend them to family, friends, and neighbors.

 - 06/15/2020 – Lee H.

 We had a problem with squirrels coming through our roof and running around in our attic.  Luckily we found this wonderful company to help out out.  They trapped and removed two squirrels and (after no more activity for a number of weeks) closed up the opening.  They were very professional and gave us a 3 year warranty for their work. I would highly recommend them.

 - 12/15/2019 – Amy S.   

We had no idea what was digging under our front steps but our front pavers were sinking and nothing my husband tried was working.  We called Veteran Pest & Wildlife and they set up a humane trap in our bushes.  The first skunk was a surprise and he got it to his truck without it spraying.  He said there maybe another skunk and he got the second one to his truck without it spraying too.  The opossum he called opportunistic because it probably just went in the empty skunk nest.  It took about a week to catch everything.  These guys were worth every penny.

- 11/20/2015 – Karen Cross

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