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The technician was wonderful! He went up in our attic and found no sign of any squirrels. He took the time to explain to us the things we should look for and what the sounds we heard might have been. We were very grateful for his time and input!

- 09/02/2016 – Maureen Davidson

Morgan and company were very professional, timely and successful! We had approximately 50 bats roosting in the space above our second-story bathroom. They were removed successfully and with no disruption. Veteran's was the third estimate we received and we hired them based on price, professionalism, knowledge and overall confidence in their ability to do the job and be thorough. Highly recommend Morgan and this company!

 - 08/11/2016 – Lora Kitzmiller

I had trouble falling asleep for two nights because I heard something scratching around in the attic.   I called Veteran Pest, and Morgan was at my house the next morning.   He looked around the outside of the house for where the animal may have gotten in, and then spent a fair amount of time inspecting the attic.  While I was guessing it was a squirrel, he said he was only seeing evidence of mice.  He pointed out some mice droppings on the attic insulation, which I'd not noticed before. 
He answered all my questions, including on other pest-related topics.   He laid out his recommended strategy, which seems logical.   I haven't decided yet on whether to go forward with his service, or whether to try to tackle the problem myself.   But I got so much value and information just from the free estimate that I decided to write a review.   I found him to be professional, personable and knowledgeable.

 - 03/15/2016 – Sanjoy Sircar   

We had no idea what was digging under our front steps but our front pavers were sinking and nothing my husband tried was working.  We called Veteran Pest & Wildlife and they set up a humane trap in our bushes.  The first skunk was a surprise and he got it to his truck without it spraying.  He said there maybe another skunk and he got the second one to his truck without it spraying too.  The opossum he called opportunistic because it probably just went in the empty skunk nest.  It took about a week to catch everything.  These guys were worth every penny.

- 11/20/2015 – Karen Cross


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