Carpenter Ants

Having critters in your home is never pleasant. Be in carpenter ants or bed bug treatment in Ashburn, VA, Veteran Pest can help. Carpenter ants are a common and destructive wood-destroying insect, ranging in size from 1/6 to 3/4 inch; and are the largest ant to infest a home. You may find winged “reproductive” ants (swarmers) in the spring and summer months indicating a moderate to severe infestation.  Carpenter ants are active at all times of the day but may be most active at night.  Another common sign of infestation are piles of Frass which is similar to sawdust, but Frass has insect parts mixed into the dust.  Carpenter Ants do not actually eat the wood like termites do; they are simply making tunnels in the wood to create a nest.  As the colony grows, the nest area is constantly increasing. This type of damage can be more destructive than termites.  Our inspectors  will thoroughly inspect your home (free of charge) and recommend the right course of action to protect your home from any further damage.

House Ants

House Ants are foragers that will enter your home in search of food, moisture, and new nesting sites.  House ants can appear during all seasons of the year, but are more prevalent in the spring and summer months. During the spring and summer months a colony can be treated from the exterior and this will prevent the house ants from entering your house. During the winter months the colony can move to the interior walls of a home through the wall joints.  These situations are identified and treated by addressing wall voids and other hidden areas of a home.  Our technicians use non repellent treatments along with attractant gels and baits to eradicate house ant colonies.  Given the nature of house ants, a monthly or quarterly maintenance program is suggested.

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites are another wood destroying insect.  As stated earlier, Carpenter Ants can actually damage a home more quickly than termites but we find that termites, overall, cause much more damage.  The reason for this is that without a proper inspection, termite activity will go unnoticed for years and years.  Subterranean termites, except during swarm season, do not walk out in the open like Carpenter Ants do; nor do they make a chewing noise near infestation sites.  Damage can occur inside wall voids and in flooring joists without the homeowner knowing.  A friendly inspector at Veteran Pest & Wildlife Services will perform an annual termite inspection for you at no charge so that you can have peace of mind.   

Bees and Wasps

Bees, hornets, and wasps tend to become a problem during the early summer and become more dangerous as fall approaches; this is because as time progresses the number of mature bees steadily increases.  In the fall yellow jackets are the most dangerous because they often nest in the ground or in structures where they are difficult to see and where you could accidentally come contact with them.  Our technicians are friendly professionals who have years of experience dealing with bees, wasps, and hornets and their nests; our treatments are thorough and come with a thirty day warranty. 


As the picture depicts, mice and rats are difficult to control because they procreate so quickly.  Mice can have liters by the age of six weeks and every three weeks after.  To tackle this problem, we start with a thorough inspection; starting with looking for exterior entry points and sealing them off.  We will then follow up with an inspection and treatment on the inside of you home and treat the mice that have taken up residence in wall voids and flooring.  We recommend monthly follow-ups in order to resolve and treat your rodent issue quickly. 

German Cockroach

The German cockroach is a problem facing many households and restaurants in our area.  Since they are easily adaptable, many consider them to be the most successful species of insect in the world.  They tend to feed at night and can live for a month on one greasy finger print!  Our technicians use the latest technology in Roach treatments in order to eliminate infestations.  A common misconception is that only dirty kitchens can get roaches. The truth is that even the cleanest of kitchens can become infested.  Because we use food based roach baits, it is important to keep your kitchen clean to remove any other food sources. 

​​Eastern Grey Squirrel

Found throughout the United States and in attics everywhere.  The reason squirrels make nests in attics is that it is a warm place, safe from predators, with plenty of insulation to use as nesting material.  Mother squirrels have babies twice a year (spring and fall) and attics are the perfect place for them. Our team in Ashburn, VA offers squirrel removal services to keep your attic pest free. We offer additional cleaning/sanitizing of any mess they leave behind.  Most importantly, Veteran Pest & Wildlife Services can professionally repair the area where the squirrel chewed in, by installing physical barriers around the rest of the home to prevent any future squirrels from gaining entry.  This seal-up is an additional cost, quoted at the initial visit. We offer a one-year warranty on areas we seal up.  If squirrels get back in your attic, we will attempt to trap them and repair our seal up, at no cost. Get pests out of your attic with our squirrel removal services in Ashburn, VA!​


Raccoons are intelligent and resourceful animals.  They have extremely strong and articulate “hands” which allow them to climb, virtually, any structure and break into almost any attic.  The problem is that they are extremely destructive.  Aside from the damage that is caused by their breaking and entering, fecal matter and urine can make a big mess in an attic.  In severe cases, attic insulation will need to be replaced and the entire attic sanitized.  The good news is that this animal’s damage is usually covered by homeowners insurance. Let our professionals offer your Ashburn, VA home raccoon removal services, so you can get your attic back. We have to trap and physically remove raccoons from your property.  Once they are gone, we can seal up any opening that they have made and make your home less inviting to other animals.  We offer a one-year warranty on areas we seal up.  If raccoons return, we will attempt to trap them and repair our seal up, at no cost. 


Skunks are a problem when they come into contact with people.  They tend to dig under porches and sheds or can live in crawl spaces.  They can be tricky to trap because of the danger of being sprayed but are usually not trap-shy. Our team specializes in skunk removal in Ashburn, VA, and we trap for up to 30 days, and relocates them to an area recommended by the local authorities.  We then suggest ways that we can create physical barriers to prevent future problems from arising. 

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