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About Us

Veteran Pest and Wildlife Services is a full service Pest Control and Wildlife remediation company located in the Northern Virginia area. With more than twenty years industry experience and dedication to quality of service, we are confident that you will be impressed with our knowledge, friendliness and honesty.  

Veteran's staff of professionally trained and certified technicians provide general pest and termite control, outdoor pest control and wildlife services to industrial, commercial and residential customers.

Many pest control companies have changed their marketing with the hopes of convincing you that they are a “green” company.  As the owner of Veteran Pest and Wildlife Services, I decided long ago that it not enough just to say that our company is “green", but to put actual environmental policies in place.  My degree in Environmental Science and Environmental Policy has helped me understand what impact our company has on the environment, and what changes were necessary to reduce any negative impact while at the same time achieving better results in controlling pests. 

We have developed safer and more effective ways of doing things from the “Integrated Pest Management Practices” that we strive to observe, from the times when we believe that chemical treatment is not necessary, and when choosing the best personnel and continually educating them, you can rest assured that you are in the best of hands.